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Faster & Cost-EfficientDeveloper-Friendly Public Chain

Zenith smart chain (ZSC) is a zone center application friendly public chain, which is well received by developers

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7 10min 10 USD Not supported provides data and product rSmartmmendation services, it does not represent ZSC's views.

The newer the better3 steps to explore ZSC

Zenith smart chain (ZSC) is a perfect public chain product for building decentralized applications. Users can experience decentralized applications quickly and conveniently.

Get started with Yield Farming?

What to farm? Farming the next star project in ZSC, the Yield Farming tutorial is provided by tofuswap

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What should I prepare before Yield Farming?

ZSC Wallet Mdex Yield Farming Guide

Basis Gold Yield Farming Guide

ZSC is easy to explore

High efficiency and energy savingBuilding decentralized application

Encourage developers to build more efficient and energy-saving decentralized application DAPP, ZT Global trading platform announced the official launch of Starlink plan, and build a decentralized high-performance trading public chain zenith smart chain (ZSC) with ZTB as the underlying ecological asset.

Technical community

Brainstorm with 300+ developers

Ecological Alliance

Cooperation with 80+ media and investment institutions